If You Could Set Up A Simple Blog In About An Hour
Profit Up To $32.17 Or More EVERYDAY From That Blog...
How Many Simple Blogs Would You Set Up?

Here Are Some Results From A Little Blog I Set Up on February 19, 2015... i set it up as a demo on one of my trainings just to teach how the business works... and it made some money :-)

That's Almost $1000 A Month From A Simple Blog I Set Up In About 3 Hours Total (and this is one of my smaller ones)

First lets backtrack a bit.  My name is Marcus and the year was 2003. I had just moved from Los Angeles to Portland, Oregon. If we were going to make it, we needed a place less expensive and less crowded. We just had our first daughter a little over a year ago. We were expecting the second in a about 6 months.

The House In Lakewood, CA We Rented A Room In (tough to raise kids 2 minutes from the slums)

My search engine ranking business was doing ok. The first year we did about $20,000 part time. The second was $67,000. We were on track this year to break $160,000 which was my big goal. Not bad for a 23 year old who barely made it thru high school and never really had a "REAL" job for more than 6 months.

It did take some work though. finding clients and ranking sites, but I was able to stay home with my wife and kids which was cool.

The key to ranking these sites was simple. Instead of focusing on the keywords they wanted like diet, mortgage, or other super high competition words, I focused on finding super targeted stuff. The idea was that so many people online search for so much different stuff that there has to be tens of millions of profitable keywords out there. If not more!

It seemed like the easiest way to profit was to sell these website ranking packages. Oh sure I had built my fare share of websites for other niches and affiliate programs. They just never made all that much. They never hit profit that quickly.

One fateful day a few months later, after things started to take off, our second daughter was born and doing well, i actually rented two apartments in the same complex so I had an office. It was fun. Only about 50 yards from the main place we lived in. Plus it had its own fridge. I liked that part.

The day started normal as i was taking calls to sell my marketing packages. I will never forget a call i got from a guy i had just finished getting rankings for. He has a site teaching parrots to talk. After he ranked he said that the traffic he got from the rankings converted better than his paid traffic.

We got to talking about life, family, and business. In the middle of the conversation he was telling me how much the parrot site was earning. Then he said "Marcus, if you can get these rankings in any niche using your keyword method... why are you dealing with customers...

"Why Don't You Just Find These Words, Rank Some Sites,
And Send People To Affiliate Offers?"

That got me thinking. WOW... what if I didn't have to deal with phone calls, customer support, billing, and all that stuff.

What if I could just pick a bunch of words, make little sites, and drive them to affiliate offers.

So I did. I mean I had done similar stuff before with my gas scooter website that sold over $16,000 worth of scooters, but i still had to take the calls and arrange the drop shipping. I had never believed I could do this kind of stuff.

Keep in mind this was before adsense, cpa marketing, or any of the stuff we know now was popular.

So that week i set up two websites. They took me a total of about 2-3 hours to set up completely so i got them done before our trip down to southern California. Its about a 10 hour drive (why the heck did we drive) so we decided to stay for about 2-3 days.

So we headed out at around 9PM at night. Geniuses, thinking the kids would sleep.

Here is the 2001 dodge caravan we had...

Whoever decided that it was a good idea to make a 4 Cylinder mini van obviously never heard of hills.

There was a huge pass from southern oregon to northern california and when we hit it, the van would try to shift. Trying to get every ounce of horsepower out of those poor little 4 cylinders and made a loud vruuuuuuuuuuuuum sound. It woke the kids up, the wife, and now I had to drive with screaming kids. Just when they got back to sleep, it did it again. Repeating over and over making me crazy.

Finally, looking like a crazy person with no sleep and no quiet, we arrived at my dads house.

While we were there that weekend, those little sites I made did their thing. I didn't have time to check them, fix them, or anything. Those sites made over $1200 in profit. It was a huge AH HA moment for me because...

"If I Could Make Money Consistently Off Of Something I Set Up Once... Then I Could Make More And More Sites And Create A KILLER Passive
Income Stream... And Have A More Fun Life."

This thought literally changed my life. I went from thinking, how do i get my next sale... to how many sites can i manage and set up on autopilot so i can make money when I'm not working.

So I went like crazy and set up over 300 sites in weird niches from mortgages, to printable games, to anything really.

Then it happened. As I was researching new niches for my "Simple Sites Business" i came across a term about "smiley faces" I remember thinking wow, all these people are looking for happy faces.

and this one question changed things forever...

I Asked Myself, Marcus, How Can You Get Paid For This Smiley Face Traffic That Is So Cheap And So Not Competitive?

Up until this point the only way to make money that I knew of was to sell stuff on clickbank or something, or put adsense on your site.

That was until I heard of CPA marketing and affiliate networks.

It was insane, you can actually get paid to give away free downloads. I went crazy. I set up a site about these smiley faces and was getting paid $0.70 per download. This seemed like a lot to me at the time for a simple download now you can get $2.00-3.50 per download. The kicker... it cost nothing. No one had to whip out a credit card, no one had to buy stuff.

So... on with the smiley site. The site went on to generate over $70,000 in the last few months of 2003, and even more thru 2004.

It felt kind of weird talking about that site with my family because it felt like I wasn't working. The site just made money no matter what automatically day in and day out. I remember telling my dad about it and feeling like i was "cheating the system"

My Dad Always Taught Me To Be An Entrepreneur And Work Hard, But This Felt Like Cheating, I Was Making $150 - $200 A Day In Profit From A Site That I Made Almost A Year Earlier... I Remember Thinking... This CAN'T Be Real Right?

GUESS WHAT... It Got Worse...

In late 2004 I stumbled across another little niche... this was the "Myspace Layouts And Backgrounds" niche.

Thinking... what the heck can i do to profit on this niche... it wasn't really BUYER oriented, and no one really knew how to directly profit from this niche at the time.

But I Thought "With All This Traffic... I Need A Way To Profit"

So i set up another simple little site and directed them to these little mouse cursors that paid me $1.85 per download... again it cost nothing for the user, and they loved it, i also used a background toolbar so they can get background images.

Again, within days it got free traffic and made over $300 per day!

So i kept making sites, ranking them, and getting money.

We were up to about $1700 a day in profit, i bought my first house in northern california, and everything crashed. For some reason google decided to be a pain in the ass... which is a normal thing with that company.

Marcus' First House Bought For $484,000 Now Worth $265,000 On A Good Day... See Even Fancy Internet Marketers Were Affected By The Reccession.

I went from $1700 a day down to like $200 and i was flippin out. What happened was some web marketer guru used my ranking method to build a software around, 1000s of people bought the software and spammed the search engines.

Because this was based on what i was using, google just kicked us all out.

In hindsight i should have made more quality sites and better information... because i would have made more.

So i decided to buy some traffic on google, msn, yahoo, and all the other guys.

I started with a little mortgage site, then decided to put my "myspace" site back online with paid traffic. Paid traffic was easier and faster because I didn't have to worry about waiting for google. I remember one day after starting reaching $1200, $2500, and even $4700 in revenue each day.

It was insane, i remember waking up, it was now summertime, around 9:30AM and already having made $900 in profit. Then i would go swim in the pool and have fun. Check my stats again, make some dinner, and relax all day.

We even took a trip to hawaii and couldn't spend as much as we were making. We lived it up, expensive dinners, boat trips, you name it. I still came back to more money than the trip cost us.

Marcus 2nd House... This One Was Actually Less Than The Little One :-) Timing Was Good On This One.

It was early 2006, I was on track to have my first million dollar year with affiliate marketing... actually we hit $1,063,000 that year.  As always I like to stay on top of the "new stuff." That year it was all about blogs.  Blog this, blog that, bloggity flippin blog.

Getting tired of all the hype.  I decided to look into this.

Can Someone Actually, Really, Seriously, Make Money Blogging

And More Importantly Do I Have To Write Everyday Like Those Lame People On Twitter
And Facebook Who Tweet Or Post Everytime They Leave Their House...

Being used to setting up simple little websites and banking $5, $10, $50, $100, or even $1,000 a day each... The last thing i wanted to do is set up some huge content site.  Couldn't I just setup a blog like my simple sites.  Those took just 45 minutes to an hour to make, and they raked it in bigtime... Sometimes the same day I put them up.

So there I was.  Listening to countless videos, teleseminars, webinars.  Reading all the ebooks, buying the courses.  Serious info overload and burnout. 

I WAS DONE! Feeling So Tired Of Trying To Get My Head Around All This Blog Stuff Made Me Nauseous...

So I Gave Up... Right Then And There... I Threw In The Towel...

PFFFFFT... I didn't need no dang blog.  I was on track to single handedly make a million bucks, with no blogs, no employees, no outsourcing, just some little sites that looked like a 5th grader made them.

Then 2007 came, still... i dont need a blog... we did like $750K that year... i got it handled.

2008... hmm... some of my sites are getting quality scored, slapped, and all that other nonsense... still... decent income... we were in the mid six figures still.  Perhaps ill revisit this blog thing and see if google likes them a bit better...

2009... what the heck is going on... where are my sites, my adwords account got BANNED FOR LIFE.  Still the sites made like $250,000 or so that year.  Not to bad, but it wasn't what I was used to.

Ringing in my ear in the summer of 2009 again, blog, blog, blog.  You gotta get into blog's.  Thats what all the 'Big Boys" are doing anyway so it must work.

But I Was Gonna Do Blogs On My Terms... No Posting Daily, No Lame Stuff, I Don't Really Want To Be The Next Perez Hilton, I Don't Want The Legal Crap Like Failblog... I Just Want To Earn A Decent Income From Home... Was That To Much To Ask?

Late that year i discovered the wordpress blogging platform and was able to set up my first blog in about 15 minutes.  It wasn't fancy, it wasn't beautiful, but I did it and I was proud.

Little did i know the next day, the darn thing ranked on the top of google.  In like 12 hours.

No Meta Tags (wow that dates me) No Submitting, No Directory Listings.  What the heck was going on here?

Google actually liked these blogs.  So I got some new paid traffic accounts and tested the blogs out on there.

They Worked... Some Of Them Got Leads And Make Money Almost Instantly


So now instead of the old 1-2 hour site setup time with codes, pages, saving stuff, and all that junk.  You could actually bang out a site in like 12 minutes... and get them ranked on the search engines.

But there was still one little hiccup.  Building sites gave me the freedom to have whatever I want where ever I wanted it.  See the key to making this affiliate marketing deal work is all in the conversions.  If your blog doesn't convert the visitors, you are dead in the water.

In The Website World... I Was Good At Getting Conversion... One Of The Best There Was Using Wierd Little Obscure Niche Market Keywords Like "Myspace Layouts" or "Printable Coloring Pages" and even "Guitar Tabs" you know... the niches other marketers don't touch because they aren't "buyer markets" BLAH... those were my biggest money makers hands down.

Blog Conversion Checklist And Guide

A.      Who Am I Trying To Reach?
(ie. People on google searching for how to lose ten pounds)

B.       What Do I Want Them To Do Most?
(join my mailing list, click an affiliate ad, watch a video, ect)

C.      What Does My Ad / Site Headline Promise?
(lose ten pounds tomorrow, free blog setup guide, ect)

How To Make Your Blog Convert... In Three Seconds Or Less


1.       Does My Site / Blog Cater To The Type Of User I Am Trying To Reach?

make sure your blog isn’t too technical if you are marketing to 84 year old grandmas, make it easy to read, big fonts, and simple click here buttons, on the other hand if you focus people searching for top cell phone gadgets make it hip, cool, and fun… focus, think, test.

2.      Can My Visitor Find The Promise In Less Than 3 Seconds?

remember your visitor came to your site because of the promise found in your advertisement, banner, or search engine listing… they are on your site because they want the goodie.  If they cannot see the promise in 3 seconds they are gone.  note: you do not have to deliver the whole promise up front in one sentence… you can simply have a headline with the promise in it, or an optin box saying download your promise here by entering your name and email.

3.      Is My Site Focused On What I Want The User To Do Most?

focus on the goal you set up in B above… if you want your visitors to opt in, make that the main point of your site.  do not distract your visitors with adsense, links, or videos… keep it one sided, if you have content… that content should lead into getting the user to opt in, if you have a video, the video should say opt in to get (whatever your big promise is) if there are images… put a caption or blur out part and tell them to enter their name and email in for the promise.

4.      Do My Colors And Themes Compliment or Distract From My Message?

believe it or not, this is one thing many people get wrong.  remember that a simple color change can be the difference between profit and money loss.  If you are marketing to Halloween people they probably don’t want a pink flowery site… if you are going for wedding people don’t make your site black.  TIPS: make headlines red, links you want clicked on… make em blue… make buttons easy to read and click, make directions clear and concise.

So The Question Was... How Can I Make The Blogs Do Exactly What I Want When I Want

Here are some of the top converting things I had on my sites...

These little  tools are crucial to the success of my sites.  They offer interactivity.  They make people click.  They make people buy stuff, download stuff, fill out forms, and all the other stuff that puts money in our pockets as affiliate marketers.

Late 2010 after blogging a year i decided to look into this outsourcing thing.  My goal was to find someone who can make little tools and plugins that did the same stuff that my other sites did.  But without the codes and hassle.  Something totally hands off.  Plug it in, check a box, and go...

Custom Affiliate Search Box Plugin Included With Blog Profit Network Membership

We created tools like the search box above.  That one is directly responsible for hundreds of thousands in revenue.  We made a dropdown box.  I recently tested (march 2013) this on my lotto numbers blog and it made over $1,319 in just a few days. 

Ez Tracker Drop Box Plugin Included With Blog Profit Network Membership

We even made a little plugin that helps you build a mailing list.

Squeeze Blogs Prof Plugin Included With Blog Profit Network Membership

It was important that these plugins be made by me.  Not some auto generated, get you banned from google crap.  Not some lame untested plugin by a marketer who only sells crap to other marketers.  This needed to be based on real world stuff in niches that have nothing to do with clickbanks, adwords, or anything.


Check Out The Killer Click Thru Rates We Are Getting With This Plugin…

Here Is One I Tested On BlogProfitNetwork.com…

A Killer 89% CTR On Over 1000 Clicks!!!

Check Out Those Ads… PLUS I Can See What My Market Wants Most :-)

Over 70% CTR TOTAL… Compare That With My Terrible Adsense Click Thru Rate…

Imagine… I WOULD Have Gotten 10,503 Clicks… And Made Over $8,900… ON THE SAME TRAFFIC!

Bottom Line… You Need To Convert Your Clicks And Figure Out What Your Market Wants… FAST!

Here Are Some More Stats For Ya…

This Is A Screenshot From Paid Traffic For The Generic Term “football” And We Got A WHOPPING 43% CTR


Here Is One I Run On The Footer Of My site (normally you would be lucky to get like 0.3% CTR) I’m Getting Over 7%

And this is stuck way down at the bottom of one of my plugins… (Smart Affiliate Ads $47 Value)

Squeeze Blogs Pro Converts Your Blog Into A Lead Getting Machine And More... ($77 Value)


That's Well Over $700 Worth Of My Plugins You Get TODAY When You Join Blog Profit Network... PLUS You Get More New Plugins Each And Every Month!



Real stuff that would work for niches like hospital scam, facebook layouts, downloadable bible quotes, and other random stuff that you can get free traffic and super cheap traffic for.  After all that was my specialty, why fight it.

It was go time.  Time to ramp up the profits.  So i went like crazy and used blogs for EVERYTHING.

I made blog membership sites, where people paid as much as $1,200 or more for access, and some that were only a few bucks a month.  I made little blogs for little niches, and bigger blogs for bigger niches.  They all made money.

This was awesome.  You could build sites fast.  Get by with no coding, html, or any crazy tech stuff. You could rank them without being an SEO expert.  Most of the time they ranked within a day or so.

Now here we are in 2015, my blogs are rocking and rolling.  Only one was hit by the latest google update back in 2013, but I didn't pay much attention to that one anyway (neglected it over a year) and it only made like $3 a day.  So it didn't really matter.

The Important Part Is To Realize That You Can Make Profits By Creating A Simple Blog In A Simple Niche And Letting It Do Its Thing... And You Can Just Check On It From Time To Time...

these are the results from the lotto site (note this was paid traffic so it wasn't all profit) but still :-)

It's Important To Realize That There Are Many Ways To Get Paid Online... Not Just Adsense, Clickbank, And Amazon... You Can Get Paid Per Click, Per Sale, For Giving Away Download, For Getting People To Fill Out Forms, Heck I Even Got Paid When People Printed Coupons Online... How Easy Can That Be...

here is a screenshot from one of my affiliate accounts where I did just that and generated over 800K I have over seven accounts but this one was the biggest... thought you might like to see that one :-) most of them are over 100K though...

also earned over 200K with adsense... the amount per click was too low so I focus more on affiliate stuff now.

I even made over $100,000 in referral revenue for teaching students just like you to profit online.  They pay like 2-5% bonuses on the people I send them... it didn't even come out of their cut.  If I made over 100K you can imagine what they earned :-)

Now remember... these results are not typical and i have no idea what you will generate or what my average user generates because this is a brand new teaching program designed to give you a simple way to set up blogs for profit... So i want you to ask yourself...

If I Could Set Up A Simple Blog In About An Hour And Generate
$8 - $27 A Day... How Many Simple Blogs Would I Make?

Some of my blogs make a lot more, but why shoot for the moon right off the bat.  I'd rather give you a small, attainable goal, that you can pursue.  Rome wasn't built in a day and my first site didn't make much, but with all the tools I'm giving you today i think you will have a huge head start... and I believe I can help you make this work...

Now in the past my training was anywhere from $297 - $2,000 or more... some private clients paid as much as $20,000 a year to learn this business... which is still pretty good considering many people pay $80,000 - $350,000 for a franchise that makes them about $80,000 a year... and guess what... they still have to go to work.

This is completely different.  The economy has changed with the internet.  As I'm sure you noticed, the new rich is all in the internet. You have people making apps. People making websites. Bloggers, facebookers, you name it.

And Its Never Been Easy For The "Little Guys" Like Us To Get Involved For Mere Pennies And Make A Decent Living.  I Am Going To Show You How To Make Yourself The Comoddity By Offering Good Information To People Looking For Help, Entertainment, Information, Statistics, Prices, Downloads, You Name It...

Did You Know That Every 60 Seconds Over 3,000,000 People Search Google?


The cool part is that many of the top search terms (the ones looked up a lot) have no competition on the paid search side, and many are easy to rank for because most marketers don't know how to convert them to profit.

Just take a look at the results from one of my trigger words "printable"

Tons of searchers, LOOOOOW Competition

and i'm gonna show you exactly how to profit with these words...

here's another one... Verses About...

Now What If I Told You That You Can Get Paid $2.25 - $3.00
Every Time Someone Downloads A FREE Bible From Your Blog

These Stats Were Shown Live On The Seven Day Blog Profits Class... Which Is In Your Course

Actual Results From My Bible Site... OVER $0.39 Per Click In Revenue

Do you think you would be able to make money in this totally non competitive market?

Funny thing is... we can do this all day till we are blue in the face because so many people are searching and so many marketers are busy fighting over keywords like weight loss, money, mortgage, and stuff that is so competitive and so expensive that there is no way for us regular people to get in on the action...

So why not use words like "calorie counter" or something non competitive.

PLUS its easier to write a three page blog about a calorie counter and profit than it is to build a whole site about weight loss.

So here's the deal, I enjoy sharing this stuff with you.  Its really neat when i hear stories of my students making profit in these little niches by giving away some content that helps people.  My goal this year is to have over 1,000 Paid Blog Profit Students on my webinars each week so that I can teach you all the ins and outs about blogging.

This will generate about $37,000 per month revenue for me so it will be worth my time for sure and you don't have to take on the big load all by yourself.  For me its fun to teach and a good discipline.  Plus it forces me to stay on top of the new trends, learn new stuff, and teach you everything you need to be able to profit online with blogs.

So that is why this is not my normal HIGH DOLLAR coaching club.  We are creating a network of friends who share ideas and learn to profit online in a really cool way.  I am even going to offer you live support from me personally.  That's right... I actually log on to my live chat software that is in your members area for one to three hours per day... so if you see me online and have a question or want me to check out your sites lets do it :-)

Here is how its going to work... Today... When You Sign Up I Am Going To Give You Instant Downloadable Access To FOUR Really Important Tools That You Need To Be Able To Make This Work For You...

1. You Are Getting My Blog Profit Network Desktop - this is the hub where everything sits.  It has 8 full modules that take you from finding a niche, building the blog, getting affiliate offers, traffic, and ultimately making money...

2. You Get Instant Access To My Seven Day Blog Profits Program - if you are new or having trouble, this is for you, i basically logged on my computer every day for seven days and did everything from scratch till it got ranked and made money.  Just model this and you should be able to get a blog up and running in the seven day time period.

3. I'm Also Hooking You Up With 12 Blog Profit Webinars - these are all live recorded webinars where we went thru a topic like "getting traffic" for about 45 minutes... then took time for questions... here are the topics...

Webinar 1: Keyword And Traffic Selection

Webinar 2: How To Setup Your Domain, Hosting, And Wordpress

Webinar 3: Selecting And Implementing The Right Plugins For Traffic And Profit

Webinar 4: Structure Your Site For Maximum Profits

Webinar 5: Make Your Site Seo/PPC Optimized So You Can Get Traffic Fast

Webinar 6: Creating Content With A Purpose

Webinar 7: Updates And Add Ons

Webinar 8: Serving The Market, Getting Involved, Automatically

Webinar 9: Super Profitable Theme Creation And Design

Webinar 10: High Profit Conversion Tactics

Webinar 11: Using Opt In Forms And Data Collectors For 'On Demand' Profits

Webinar 12: Adding The Right Profit Centers In The Right Places

4. PLUS you get my killer blog tools section...

Now that's just the icing on the cake... you will also be getting a brand new live webinar each week about what is going on in the industry, new affiliate programs, updates on search engines, and everything you need to profit online... I even throw in some cool stuff from time to time just for fun... PLUS you get all the webinar recordings, special videos, and more...

Join Today And Marcus Will Show You How To 'Make This Course Free' By Showing You How To 
Get Over $150 In Free Traffic Coupons For Google, Yahoo, Msn, And More.


Yea Yea Marcus... That All Sounds Great But I JUST WANT AN EASY WAY TO GET STARTED...

That's all in there too... I like to make everything easy and fun to go thru... so you might actually have fun :-) after all that's why we got into this business anyway... so we don't have to WORK...

OK Marcus... I'm In... But... What's It Gonna Cost...

Here is where you are really gonna love me.  Basically because of the sheer numbers I am expecting... I don't have to charge my normal fees of like $2,000 or more... so I am going to let you in today for a one time payment of...

Wait for it... Wait for it...

Just $127... And You Get INSTANT Access To All The Above And More...
if you like the webinars and everything... stick around for just $37 a month and get even more cool stuff

Join Today And Marcus Will Show You How To 'Make This Course Free' By Showing You How To 
Get Over $150 In Free Traffic Coupons For Google, Yahoo, Msn, And More.

So if you are reading this there are still spots left... and if you want to learn exactly how to profit online this is exactly what you need, no fluff, no up-sells, no special offers... just the real deal, me helping you.

If You Can Respect That... And Are Ready To Get Results... Sign Up Today And Don't Look Back.

On The Other Hand... If You Are Totally Serious About Making This Work, And Want Someone To Help You And Answer Your Questions... Then RUN And Join... And Do NOT Let Your Membership Expire Because I Cannot Promise This Price Or That It Will Even Be Open To New Members.

To Recap... Here's What You Are Getting Today

Your Blog Profit Network Bonuses:

  • Marcus' 7 Day Blog Profits Software (watch live as he takes a new niche and turns it to profit in just 7 days)

  • Get Marcus' Special Exclusive Niche Market Training (he will show you how to spot profitable niches in seconds)

  • CPA Affiliate Marketing For Bloggers (find out how to profit with affiliate offers the right way)

  • Get all 12 Wordpress Webinars (covering the basics, and advanced stuff like traffic, plugins, theme creation, and more)

  • INSTANT Access To Marcus' "Blog Tools" Section (these are responsible for making him over $1,947,321 in revenue)

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  • Learn The "Trigger Word Secret" (so you can find untapped niches in minutes)

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  • Learn The Secrets Of Video Blogging

  • PLUS Get Marcus' Killer Rapid Fire Clickbank Profits Course

  • And Get Live Chat Access To Marcus And His Team Of Blog Pro's

As If That's Not Enough... You Get To Be On Marcus' Weekly Training Webinars And Get His New
Plugins As Long As You Are A Member For Just $37 A Month... That's Like $9 A Plugin...

Join Today And Marcus Will Show You How To 'Make This Course Free' By Showing You How To 
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See You On The Inside.

Marcus Campbell

Profitable Since March 2000 :-)


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